US threatens to exclude Turkey from NATO after S400 systems test

It took more than a week for the American authorities to officially react to the tests carried out by the Turkish armies of the S-400 anti-aircraft systems acquired there nearly a year from Moscow, and which led to the exclusion of Ankara from the F35 program. Maybe because of President Trump's ambiguous positions vis-à-vis his Turkish counterpart, to say the least In recent months, the condemnation has not come from the White House, as one might expect, but from the Pentagon, through the voice of Jonathan Hoffman, its spokesperson, in an official statement made this Sunday. One thing is certain, once the elections are over, Turkey may well suffer the wrath of Washington ...

Specifically, the Pentagon spokesman said that the test of the Turkish S-400s, as well as their commissioning, were incompatible with the status of an ally of the United States, as with that of a member of NATO. The Pentagon, sensibly in agreement with President Trump's administration, therefore clearly threatens Ankara with exclusion from NATO if the latter were to persist in its desire to put the system into service, notwithstanding the sanctions that could be taken by Washington about the tests themselves. This n-th threat, so many there were others, however, has little chance of being taken seriously by the Turkish authorities, today much more concerned with the desire to appear as the pillar of Sunni Islam in the Middle East as in Europe, only by its membership in NATO.

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In difficulty in the polls, President Erdogan plays the card of the opposition between Islam and the West, and wants to be the pillar of the reconstruction of Ottoman greatness

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