Will the sale of F35A to the UAE limit the performance of devices offered to Switzerland or Finland?

A few days before the US presidential election, President Trump seems to be using all his power to speed up the procedure relating to the sale of the F35A fighter in the United Arab Emirates, and this despite the reluctance of Congress and the Pentagon, as well as Israel. But this rush also paves the way for congressional action, with potentially wider consequences than just selling to the Emirates, or even other countries in the Middle East.

Indeed, two Democratic senators, the very active Senator from New York and Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee Bob Menendez, and Senator Dianne Feinstein from California, proposed a bill on October 20 that would force the executive to meet certain firm criteria regarding export authorizations the flagship of the US aviation industry, since it would be exported outside of NATO Allies and Direct Allies, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand and Israel. Among the criteria announced, the obligation to confer on Israel, but also on the other allies, more efficient aircraft than the “secondary” allies. This approach had already been considered for the UAE, with the possible delivery of devices "less stealthy" than those delivered to Jerusalem.

Legally, the United States must be able to guarantee Israel's technological and operational ascendancy over its Middle Eastern neighbors by limiting advanced technological exports to these countries.

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