Beijing deploys DF-17 hypersonic missiles to increase pressure on Taiwan

The annexation by force of the independent island of Taiwan seems to become one of the main concerns of the Chinese leaders and the People's Liberation Army, as they multiply statements et actions taking such a hypothesis as a framework. The latest action to date is none other than the alleged deployment of DF-17 surface-to-surface missile batteries near the south-eastern coasts of the country in order to be able to strike Taiwan in a very short time if necessary, the DF-17 being presented as a hypersonic missile.

The English-language state site, relaying information from Taiwanese and Hong Kong media, has indeed reported the deployment of this new hypersonic missile on the south-eastern coast of the country, facing the 'secessionist' island as presented by the Beijing press. The analysis proposed by the site indicates that these missiles would have the function of hitting air bases and strategic targets of the power and Defense of Taiwan in the event of military action for take over the independent island by force for over 70 years. In addition, the site insists that the Taiwanese armed forces, nor their possible American allies, do not have the capacity to intercept this type of missile, making the strike inevitable.

Taiwan has ordered 66 F16 block 70+ Viper with the United States while modernizing its fleet to this standard.

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