Logistics, tankers, ammunition: the Pentagon "concrete" the fundamentals

After years of budgetary wandering and reckless spending, the Pentagon's budget is today the object of all the attentions, as well by the staffs as the executive and the Congress, as the needs noted are important, while the budget remains frozen or constrained to slow progress. While it is true that when he arrived at the White House, Donald Trump gave priority to the Pentagon budget, with an increase of nearly 15% between 2016 and 2018, planned US defense spending is called upon to to stagnate in 2020 and 2021, then to grow by “only” 3 to 5% per year from 2022.

However, the Pentagon has had to face the rapid changes in the international geopolitical situation in recent years, requiring to increase the operational response capacities of the US armies on time and with adequate means. In addition to the many modernization programs underway in the 4 American armies, Mark Esper, the Secretary of Defense, announced this week that the 2022 budget would also see the Pentagon grant a special effort to strengthen essential services and support capacities for power projection American. Concretely, 3 areas will see their means and capacities reinforced: maritime transport, tankers and the stock of ammunition.

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