Logistics, tankers, ammunition: the Pentagon "concrete" the fundamentals

After years of budgetary wandering and reckless spending, the Pentagon's budget is today the subject of all the attention, as much by the General Staffs as the executive and the Congress, as the needs observed are so great, while the budget remains fixed or constrained to slow growth. If it is true that when he arrived at the White House, Donald Trump gave priority to the Pentagon budget, with an increase of nearly 15% between 2016 and 2018, planned US defense spending is expected to stagnate in 2020 and 2021, then to grow by “only” 3 to 5% per…

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Video showing execution of Armenian prisoners in Azerbaijan authenticated

Obviously, Azerbaijan was not content to import, with the support of Turkey, fighters belonging to the pro-Ankara Islamist militias operating in Syria. She also imported a taste for war crimes! Indeed, a video showing the summary execution of two Armenian fighters by Azeri-speaking soldiers was authenticated by the Bellingcat group, which specializes in collecting information by analyzing video and photo media. And according to the article published yesterday by the service, the video showing this execution, recovered initially from the Telegram network used by the Azeris forces, leaves very little room for doubt, despite…

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