Turkey to activate S-400 batteries in a very tense international context

Not a week goes by now without the Turkish authorities issuing a new statement potentially very important international consequences. After the crisis with Paris over Libya this summer, it was the turn of the crisis during the month of September in the Aegean Sea against Athens, Nicosia and once again Paris, followed barely a week ago by the conflict opposing Azerbaijan to Armenia on the subject of Nagorno-Karabakh, about which the Turkish declarations, very belligerent and in favor of the continuation of the clashes until the very improbable evacuation of the region by the Armenian forces, differ in all positions expressed by the Minsk group, bringing together the United States, Russia and France.

Indeed, this Monday, October 5, the Turkish authorities would have announced, according to the local press, the next activation of its S-400 anti-aircraft defense batteries, for a test phase against target drones which will take place in the training ground near the city of Sinop from October 5 to 16. Remember that in 2017 Ankara acquired 4 S-400 batteries from Moscow for a total amount of $ 2 billion, batteries that were delivered between July and November 2019. This delivery provoked the anger of Washington who, in a position of retaliation, decided to exclude Turkey from the F-35 program, despite the 100 aircraft ordered by Ankara and Turkish involvement as a major partner in the program, Turkish industry making 6-8% of parts for each aircraft.

The F35As intended for Turkey which had already been manufactured when the country was excluded from the program were transferred to the US Air Force.

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