Egypt confirms the acquisition of 2 FREMM frigates from Italy

If the majority of the countries of the Middle Eastern theater have increased in recent years their defense investments in order to modernize their armed forces, Egypt, for its part, is engaged in a profound evolution of its military resources in order to become a major regional power. It must be said that between the increase in Iranian presence and support in Syria, Iraq and Yemen, and the increase in the Turkish presence in Syria, Libya and the Eastern Mediterranean, Cairo appears to be at the heart of the expansionist ambitions that affect the Middle East today. To this end, the Egyptian authorities have signed several contracts for the acquisition of major equipment in recent months with non-traditional partners in the country, in this case Russia and Italy.

Rome indeed knew how to take advantage of the deterioration of relations between Cairo and Paris following President Macron's visit in January 2019 to the Egyptian capital, during which the French President addressed the issue of rights at a press conference. of man in the country, which deeply irritated President Al Sisi. Since then, Italy won in Egypt, taking advantage of the space freed up by the French defense industry, and announced in the press in February 2020 that Egypt was preparing to command two Typhoon fighter squadrons, around twenty armed patrol boats, an unknown number of M346 training aircraft, a military satellite as well as 4 FREMM frigates . A few weeks later, in May, Leonardo let it be known that Cairo was preparing to order 24 AW149 helicopters and 8 AW189 helicopters, for an amount close to € 900m.

In addition to the FREMM frigates, Egypt also wishes to acquire 24 AW149M multipurpose helicopters from the Italian Leonardo

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