South Korea pulls out all the stops to sell K2 Black Panther tank to Poland

If the acquisition of South Korean K2 Black Panther tanks by Poland was, until a few weeks ago, only a working hypothesis, it has since become more credible, given the disagreements over Polish participation in the Franco-German MGCS new generation tank program. The very detailed, and most attractive proposal, made by Seoul in Warsaw this week now gives it a most probable status. Indeed, the South Korean authorities have obviously perfectly perceived the military, industrial, political and budgetary needs of their Polish counterparts, by proposing an offer tailored to take the decision.

Thus, the K2PL, such is the designation of the Polish version of the South Korean tank, will be largely "Polonized", to meet the specific needs of the Polish armies and of the central-European theater, for employment within the framework of the NATO, as well as to integrate Polish-made components, such as the command and control system. To cope with Russian heavy tanks, the K2PL could thus see its mass drop from 55 to 60 tonnes, allowing it to receive additional armor elements, or even a hard-kill system to intercept rockets and anti-tank missiles. In order to preserve the all-terrain mobility of the armored vehicle, the K2PL will probably receive a 7th set of wheels, so as to better distribute its mass. On the other hand, there is nothing to indicate that the 27 hp Doosan DV1500K diesel engine is replaced or modified, which will in fact lead to a reduction in the power / weight ratio of the armored vehicle and therefore will somewhat deteriorate its off-road mobility.

The K2PL model presented at the MSPO Defense Industry Exhibition in Kielce

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