Why is the French Air Force seriously under-capable?

The forthcoming signature of the contract for the sale of 18 Rafale aircraft to Greece is undeniably excellent news for the French defense industry and for advancing the French conception of a Europe capable of defending itself. On the other hand, this news will be perceived very differently by the French Air and Space Force which will be deprived, for a time at least, of 12 of its Rafale planes for the benefit of the Greek air forces, while it is already below its capacity needs given the operational pressure to which it has had to respond in recent years. And the situation could well get worse with…

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Clashes in Nagorno-Karabakh show need for close-range anti-aircraft systems

Since the start of the clashes on Sunday, September 27, the two Azeri and Armenian protagonists of the conflict in Nagorno Karabakh have been competing for media presence, each going from their own spectacular military results supported by videos showing the effectiveness of the destruction systems put in place. artwork. But if a lesson should already be learned from these confrontations, which can be described as medium to high intensity, given the heavy means engaged on both sides, it is the omnipresence of strikes based on drones or vagabond ammunition, highlighting the absolute necessity of having short-range anti-aircraft systems capable of neutralizing these threats, and…

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Can we develop a heavy European high performance helicopter?

After several months of uncertainty, the German authorities have announced that they are ending the procedure aimed at acquiring a heavy helicopter from the United States to replace its fleet of CH-53s reaching the end of their age. Although no additional information on German ambitions in the field has been given, it could well be a unique opportunity for Europe to finally acquire a device of this type, as it represents, after the United States, the largest western world market for this type of military aircraft. Indeed, in addition to Germany, 5 European armies today use this type of aircraft, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Greece and the United Kingdom. When to…

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