Indian Rafales fly over border area with China

Despite the agreements between Beijing and New Delhi signed on September 14 in order to lower the tension in the Himalayan region of Ladakh, nothing to date indicated that the forces in presence had, in any way whatsoever, lightened their devices or their operational postures. On the contrary ! In response to the latest Chinese public statements, the Indian Air Force has decided to stage its latest acquisition, the Rafale combat aircraft which, arrived in the country less than 2 months ago, has already started flights over this potentially explosive theater.

The speeches of circumstance which framed the signing of the agreements to reduce tensions in the Himalayan zone of Ladakh, will not therefore have had notable effects beyond a few days. If the forces deployed on both sides of the demarcation line have indeed carried out less aggressive redeployments, at the regional level, military reinforcement continues, for both India and China. And as until now, public statements, postures and official communications still play a preponderant role in the hushed confrontation which is being played out on the top of the world.

The People's Liberation Army has deployed significant armored assets along the Line of Demarcation with India, including the new Type 15 light tanks designed to operate in mountainous terrain.

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