Gripen, F16V and Rafale selected to replace Croatian Mig-21s

The Croatian Ministry of Defense will soon sent a delegation to Sweden, the United States and France, within the framework of the request for information on the replacement of its MIG 21 still in service within its armed forces. The role of the delegation will be to determine who will be the best candidate of the JAS Gripen C / D from the Swedish manufacturer Saab, the F16 Block 70 Viper from Lockheed-Martin and the used Rafale F3, taken from the aircraft of the French Army. French Air, like the agreement reached with Greece a few days ago. Israel and its initially proposed F16 Block 30+ do not seem to have been accepted by Zagreb, probably for fear of seeing the scenario replay that derailed the first agreement a year before.

In 2018, the Croatian and Israeli authorities had indeed reached an agreement to the acquisition of a dozen F16 Block 30 used taken from aircraft in service with the Israeli Air Force. However, in January 2019, Washington opposed this $ 500m contract, demanding that the Israeli aircraft be delivered to Zagreb stripped of Israeli technological improvements, in a configuration identical to that of the aircraft when they were delivered. The Croatian authorities, who must quickly replace the 8 Mig 21BisD single-seater and the 4 Mig21 UMD two-seater dating from the 80s, have re-launched a call for proposals to various potential partners, 4 of them having responded (including Israel not selected by Zagreb) .

Mig-21bis Croats. Several of these aircraft participated in the conflict in the former Yugoslavia in the early 90s.

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