Maneuvers continue in Greece in an attempt to derail the Rafale contract

Certainly, many people absolutely do not want France and Greece to be able to get closer from the point of view of La Défense. According to this specialized site, obviously poorly informed of the negotiations underway between Paris and Athens, the United Arab Emirates could offer Athens the acquisition of part of its F16 Block 60s with a view to acquiring the F35A in degraded version from the States -United. This information ", not corroborated by any other source at this time, is presented by the site, therefore by its source, as a way of putting “checkmate” on the French offer concerning the acquisition of 18 Rafale are 12 used by Athens.

The site specifies that French aircraft cannot be delivered until 2027, which is obviously of the order of disinformation, since the interest of acquiring second-hand Rafales is precisely to allow rapid delivery, estimated at first half of 2021, while the 6 new aircraft will be taken from Unit IV of planes delivered from January 2022 for the French Air Force and Naval Aeronautics. In addition, half of the devices in this contract will not be "sold", but offered by France. Finally, and contrary to what the site announces, the Greek government has not announced the start of discussions around the acquisition of Rafale, but the decision to acquire Rafale, a major difference.

The negotiations between Paris and Athens around the FDI Belh @ rra frigates have also been regularly endangered by more or less serious American offers, obviously mounted with the sole aim of derailing the negotiations.

It should be noted that is an Indian site, but particularly close to the Turkish Defense industry. Compared to the majority of English language defense sites, this is undoubtedly the one with the highest Turkish BITD-related information ratio. We can therefore imagine that this “information” came from this same channel, suggesting that for Ankara, the arrival of Rafale in Greece could constitute a significant threat. It is also conceivable that this is information from the United States which, as we know, has spared no effort for several years to try to derail the negotiations around the FDI Belh @ rra frigates.


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