V. Putin wants to transform the Russian defense industry with a new generation of managers

The defense industry in Russia has a special position in the economy and the national industrial landscape. Not only is it the largest industrial employer in the country, with nearly a million direct and induced collaborators, but it is also one of the main providers of foreign exchange on the international market, after gas and oil, of course. In addition, it is a strong and permanent reserve of votes for President Putin's “United Russia” presidential party. This is why she receives special treatment from the Kremlin, and from the president himself.

During a meeting with the Committee on Military Industries, the Russian President thus presented, in broad outline, the plan intended to develop this industry in the years to come. A plan which is based, relatively exceptional in Russia, not on production objectives or thunderous announcements on future weapon systems, but on a group of specially selected young managers to support this strategic industry, and develop it in accordance with future industrial, technological and economic imperatives.

The Russian President but also his ministers very regularly visit the major Russian military industrial sites.

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