The 355 ships targeted by the US Navy will be insufficient against China according to Mark Esper

If, for the past two years, the question that animated the US Navy was how to achieve the objective of a combat fleet of 355 ships by 2030, as demanded by President Trump, the last few months have seen a great change in the positions of both the US Navy and the Secretary of the Armed Forces, Mark Esper, on this issue. Indeed, the United States seems to have realized the threat that now represents the Chinese naval industrial power over the naval hegemony of the American Navy, even though this tool remains at the heart of the country's foreign policy, and of its military engagement capabilities around the planet.

No more 355 ships, it is now imperative to have a much more powerful fleet to contain the evolution of the Chinese navy, who will align in 2030 nearly 425 combat ships on an equal footing with the US Navy. In addition, not only has China already digitally caught up with the United States when it comes to ships, but its industrial capacities are now far superior to those of American shipyards, while the United States Navy has a much larger area of ​​operation, at least today, than that of the Chinese Navy. Finally, the US General Staff has ceased to regard the technology, training and experience of military personnel as giving them a significant advantage over their Chinese counterparts. From now on, the Chinese Navy is identified as a serious and efficient adversary, which should especially not be underestimated for the US Navy.

To digitally increase its fleet, the US Navy will have recourse to numerous autonomous ships without crew, or with very small crews.

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