Athens announces order for 18 Rafale and Defense agreement with France

Readers of Meta-Defense will not be surprised, since this makes 2 weeks since we broached the subject. On the occasion of a televised address broadcast on Saturday September 12, the Greek Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, confirmed the order for 18 Rafale planes from France, in a speech intended to present to the Greeks the various measures taken by the government to strengthen the country's armed forces and their capacity to dissuade a possible adversary from carrying out actions against him, Turkey not to name it.

In addition to the order for French combat aircraft, the Head of State also announced the next order for 4 frigates without the origin or the model having been revealed, new helicopters again without further details, modernization of the 4 Hydra class frigates (Meko200HN) of the Hellenic Navy which entered service between 92 and 98, and the recruitment of 15.000 soldiers to reinforce some 60.000 career soldiers and 30.000 conscripts who serve in the ranks of the Hellenic armed forces. The Greek Prime Minister also indicated that a substantial effort would be made to modernize and expand the country's industrial capabilities in defense. Finally, Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced the signing, in the weeks to follow, of a bilateral defense agreement between Greece and France, confirming and legitimizing the involvement of French forces in the Eastern Mediterranean in support of his ally and of Cyprus.

The 4 Hydra-class frigates of the Hellenic Navy will be modernized in the coming months.

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