Hungary places order for 218 VCI Lynx from Rheinmetall

The Hungarian Defense Ministry has announced that it has officially signed the cOrder of 218 Lynx Infantry Fighting Vehicles from the German Rheinmetall, for an amount of around € 2 billion. A first tranche of 46 armored vehicles, as well as 9 Buffalo armored recovery vehicles, will be produced in Germany, and delivered by the beginning of 2023. The second tranche of 172 armored vehicles will be built by the Hungarian industry, without it being specified precise timetable. In addition to armored vehicles, the contract also covers the supply of simulators, infrastructure and equipment to ensure vehicle maintenance, as well as a stock of spare parts.

Despite being the KF41, the Hungarian VCIs will be equipped with a Lance turret and its 30mm gun, which traditionally powers the 31-ton Lynx KF38, and not the 41-ton KF50, which is presented to it. with the Lance 2 turret fitted with the 35mm Wotan automatic cannon. The KF41 can carry 8 armed soldiers, against 6 for the KF31, in addition to the 3 crew members. It is powered by a Liebherr diesel engine of 1.140 hp with double turbo, offering a speed of 70 km / h and a vertical crossing capacity of 1m and horizontal of 2,5m. The KF41 also has an operational range of 500 km.

Budapest ordered 24 self-propelled 155mm Pzh 2000 guns from Rheinmetall in 2019

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