US bill would ban the purchase of non-US defense equipment as early as 2026

The affair is causing a stir in the halls of the Capitol in Washington. Indeed, the Armed Services Committee of the United States House of Representatives, the House Armed Services Committees, would do everything to to vote, within the framework of the law National Defense Authorization Act, articles which would oblige the Pentagon to no longer purchase equipment with less than 75% of US invoice components by October 2021, and impose equipment 100% from US industry by 2026 , in the spirit of President Trump's “America First” dynamic.

For the promoters of this law, it is above all a question of guaranteeing the efficiency and sustainability of the equipment in service in the US armed forces, by exhuming the Buy American Act dating from 1933, a model of economic and political protectionism as a consequence of the devastating effects of the crisis of 1929, and the strong protectionist expectations of public opinion at that time. The project is not new, and had already been proposed by Republican Representative Duncan Hunter of California, known for his extremely conservative positions. But he was dismissed by Senators J. McCaine and John Warner, both also Republicans, but aware of the damage that such a law would not fail to generate.

In two years, 3 European countries, Sweden, Poland and Romania, have acquired the Patriot PAC-3 anti-aircraft and anti-missile system from the United States, despite the existence of a European offer, the Franco-Italian SAMP / T Mamba system.

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