Military intervention in Taiwan becomes commonplace in Chinese communication

In just a few months, the Chinese international press, largely controlled by the country's central government, has profoundly changed its discourse concerning the tensions around the island of Taiwan, but also in the China Sea against the US Navy, and facing the Indian Navy. While at the beginning of the year, the tone was more to denounce American "provocations" in the region, which could create exaggerated tensions, it now reports, in a precise and almost banal way, a military intervention. against the independent island, as the probable outbreak of a conflict between Beijing and Washington or New Delhi.

We had already addressed the subject a few weeks ago, on the occasion of the very media arrival of the first Rafale in India, when the Chinese press was quick to draw up a comparison between the French plane and its J-20, on criteria moreover highly questionable. It then appeared that Beijing was preparing public opinion for a possible confrontation between the two Asian giants in Ladakh, and was using all the "strings" of state propaganda what are his. Today, the pattern is exactly the same for a possible military intervention to regain military control of the island of Taiwan, and to face an intervention of the US Navy to come to the aid of his ally.

Chinese Type 075 assault helicopter carriers to dramatically increase PLA force projection capabilities

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