Austria ready to sell Eurofighter Typhoon to Indonesia

During his visit to Europe, the Indonesian Defense Minister, Prabowo Subianto, announced that he had offered Austria the purchase of its 15 used Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft, in order to strengthen and modernize the Indonesian air force. The information had caused a stir, but in the absence of an official response from Vienna, and especially following a "denial" from President Joko Widodo who had indicated that for the time being, the country was still negotiating with Moscow over the acquisition of 12 Su-35s, it quickly lost interest. However, it seems that the Austrian authorities are determined to complete these negotiations since, through his Minister of Defense, Klaudia Tanner, they responded officially in Jakarta by indicating that they were ready to enter into negotiations with the Indonesian authorities on this subject.

For Vienna, it is a question of finding a solution as quickly as possible to eliminate the Eurofighter Typhoons from its inventory, to acquire a new aircraft to ensure the protection of Austrian airspace. Not only did the country's authorities sue Airbus for a series of embezzlement relating to the sale of these 15 aircraft in 2003, with numerous "commissions" having been paid to secure the order according to a joint Austro-American investigation, but the device being, according to the Austrian authorities as well as the General Staff of the country, particularly expensive to maintain, well beyond what had been initially agreed contractually during the sale. However, the current maintenance contract with Airbus ends in 2022, and Vienna must therefore quickly find a solution to “leave the Eurofighter system”, in the words of Klaudia Tanner, before that date.

The maintenance contract for the 15 Austrian Typhoons will end in 2022, leaving little time for Vienna to find an economically viable solution to replace them

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