The United States again on the offensive to counter Franco-Greek discussions around the Rafale and Belh @ rra

Since the crisis between Turkey and Greece and Cyprus, linked to the mission of the mining exploration vessel Orus Reis in waters claimed by Athens or Nicosia, broke, Washington has been remarkably quiet. It was only two days ago that Mike Pompeo, the US Secretary of State, spoke on the subject. Intervention to say the least disappointing for Athens, since it was satisfied to call on the two parties to "lower the tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean". However, it only took 24 hours for the American authorities to react following the publication of information on a possible agreement between France and Greece on the acquisition, at a preferential rate, of a squadron of Rafale aircraft and the resumption of discussions between the two countries about the 2 FDI Belh @ rra frigates.

Indeed, hardly had they heard of the French-Greek discussions, that the American plenipotentiary services would have, according to the information published by the site, undertaken to put pressure on the Greek authorities to derail the negotiations In progress. To counter the Rafale, Washington once again brandished the F35. More surprising is the proposal made to counter discussions about the FDI Belh @ rra frigates, based on Freedom class ships belonging to the Littoral Combat Ship, or LCS program. Indeed, Washington would have offered to Athens ships of this class which will soon be withdrawn from service by the US Navy.

The Freedom class LCSs have neither the armament, nor the radars and sonars necessary for the Hellenic Navy to strengthen its operational and dissuasive capacities against the Turkish Navy and Air Force.

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