Su-57 and T-14 Armata are available for export, but the Russian Army has priority

Communication concerning the Russian defense industry is often made up of repetitions and subtle updates, allowing information to be recycled and given it volume. This was the case during the Army 2020 exhibition, during which the Russian authorities officially announced that the new Su-57 fighter and the T-14 Armata battle tank were both now offered for export to Russian defense industry customers, although discussions have already been initiated with certain partners regarding these two materials. On the other hand, whether it is the new armored vehicle or the 5th generation stealth aircraft, Moscow has made it clear that priority is given to deliveries to the Russian armed forces, and that export deliveries could only take place. 'beyond the currently defined load plan.

This statement, which may seem superfluous, is however not trivial. Indeed, it makes it possible to mark, in a clear manner, the confidence of the authorities as well as of the Russian armies in the operational potential of this new equipment, to the point that they both remain "uncompromising" in compliance with defined delivery schedules. It is also a matter of sending a message to manufacturers when prioritizing deliveries, without however preventing them from taking export orders, which are much more profitable than state orders. Finally, this reassures the Russian military, who, in fact, are in all likelihood waiting for the entry into service of this new equipment, not only to take advantage of their extensive operational potential, but to define and experiment with the tactics and doctrines that these new materials allow.

Equipped with a survival capsule accommodating the crew, an automatic turret, and active Afghanit armor, the T14 is undoubtedly today the most advanced battle tank of the moment.

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