Beijing says US has crossed red line in Taiwan

Tensions between Washington and Beijing have crossed, in recent days, a new critical threshold, according to the Chinese state press. Indeed, according to information published by the Think Tank South China Sea Strategic Situation Probing Initiative (SCSPI), based in Beijing, a US Navy EP-3E reconnaissance aircraft would have indeed taken off from an air base located on the island of Taiwan, to then return to Japan, his mission completed. However, the deployment of military means, and in particular heavy military means, on the island of Taiwan is considered as an impassable red line by the Chinese authorities, to the point that they let it be known, through military experts interviewed by the official Chinese press, that they now considered that the United States knowingly sought to elicit an armed response from Beijing, constituting in fact a casus belli, and a war between the two super-powers.

The hypothesis of an armed confrontation between China and the United States is becoming more prominent every day, both in Washington and in Beijing. Quoting Song Zhongping, a Chinese military expert, the English-language state website explains that, contrary to what the Taiwan authorities said on Monday, the PLA now had the necessary means to to seize the island militarily, and that the resistance of the Taiwanese forces did not represent a significant obstacle for Chinese military power. In addition, from now on, the Chinese armed forces would anticipate, in a very serious way, the possibility of an American military intervention to support Taiwan, whether it be from the Japanese bases of the US Air Force, or from the aircraft carriers of the United States. 'US Navy.

The US Navy still has 5 EP-3E electronic reconnaissance aircraft, which will soon be replaced by MALE drones

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