US Defense Industry Organizes To Expand Prototype Manufacturing

The group that brings together the country's defense industries in the United States, the National Armaments Consortium, has announced, in partnership with the Ordnance Technology Consortium of the Department of Defense and the Army Contracting Command of the US Army, the launch of an initiative to accelerate and expand the conversion of defense research into prototypes.

Concretely, the NAC intends to play the role of centralizing body to facilitate and accelerate the financing of projects and the design of prototypes, so as to lighten the load both for its members requesting funding from the Department of Defense, and for the DoD itself, largely reducing the appropriate procedure. This initiative responds to the rapid increase in the number of projects piloted by or for the DoD, which reaches 650 active projects today, and is enriched by 150 new projects each year, and that with the reorganization of American Defense, the NAC anticipates the emergence of a wave of 350 new files and nearly 1.400 new white papers.

If the West has perfect control over the management of R&D and the industrial phases of defense projects, the design of prototypes is a weak link leading to a great loss of energy and know-how in the sector.

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