Will the United States push Beijing to fault the China Sea?

If you read Meta-Defense regularly, you know how tensions between Washington and Beijing are critical, especially around Taiwan and the China Sea. Yes China is stepping up military operations around the island of Taiwan, the threat of resorting to military intervention to bring the province back into the fold of the People's Republic of China being increasingly brandished, these are the United States which, according to the Chinese authorities, is intensifying their provocations in the China Sea by making US Navy ships navigate very regularly near the islands unilaterally integrated into Chinese territory. To the point that one can wonder if Washington would not seek, today, to generate a Chinese response creating a casus belli between the two military and economic superpowers.

Thus, on August 27, the American destroyer USS Mustin approached the Xisha Islands, in the Paracels, on which the People's Liberation Army has built a naval air base, the US Navy ships claiming international law of the sea, Washington not having recognized the de facto annexation of the Sea of China by Beijing, to the detriment of its many neighbors. The People's Liberation Army then dispatched naval and air resources to get the destroyer to change course, without success. A few days earlier, the carrier battle group of the nuclear aircraft carrier USS Ronald Regan was carrying out naval and naval air maneuvers in the South China Sea, to which Beijing replied the next day by a firing of 4 anti-ship ballistic missiles DF-21D and DF-26 which, in order to demonstrate that American ships were well within the range of these missiles.

China fired several DF-26 and DF-21D ballistic missiles in the China Sea following exercises by the USS Ronald Reagan Carrier Strike Group in the area

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