Greece would like to acquire 12 Rafale planes

According to information circulating on Greek social networks, Athens would have opened discussions with Paris to acquire a squadron of Rafale planes, or 12 aircraft. No confirmation either from the Greek authorities or from the French authorities has been published, but the information is far from being unfounded. Indeed, a simple Rafale squadron would, on its own, be capable of profoundly disrupting the balance of power in the Aegean Sea against the Turkish air, naval and anti-aircraft forces.

While Ankara formalized a new order for S400 anti-aircraft systems, Athens, which remains in uno deadlock it seems regarding the cost of Naval Group FDI frigates, could turn to a new solution to compensate for its numerical inferiority vis-à-vis the Turkish naval and air forces. Indeed, according to Greek Defense journalists, the French and Hellenic authorities are in talks regarding the acquisition of 12 Rafale fighter planes by the Hellenic Air Force, in a maneuver that would allow, at least for a time, to reverse the balance of power in the Aegean Sea.

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