Faced with the absence of a comprehensive recovery plan, British industrialists are getting impatient and urging London to act

Two months later the appeal launched by Paul Everitt - director of the ADS association representing the UK aerospace and defense industries - to government authorities to demand " urgent measures »And similar to those taken by the French and German governments against their respective BITDs, it is now the turn of the Confederation of Naval Construction and Engineering Trade Unions (CSEU) to raise their voice in the face of the silence of the British executive.

Bringing together no less than 100.000 industrial and manufacturing workers in the aerospace, shipbuilding, defense and transport sectors - some of whom work for big names in the national defense industry like BAE Systems, Rolls-Royce or even Babcock - the CSEU shows certain concern about their future in the face of the absence of a global support plan for the sector: 13.000 highly qualified jobs would be directly threatened, themselves potentially potentially resulting in the destruction of 20.000 jobs in their wake, which punctuates the underlying industrial fabric.

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