The 5 criteria that make the Rafale the favorite in India

The arrival of the first 5 Rafale fighter jets at the Indian base of Ambala at the end of July caused a media frenzy both India and the world, offering the French hunter a welcome aura to confront other European, American and Russian aircraft in the upcoming Indian competitions. Recall that the Dassault Aviation aircraft is present in the MMRCA 2 competition involving 114 aircraft facing the European Typhoon and JAS 39 Gripen E / F, the Mig35 and probably the Russian Su-35, and the F16V (identified F21 in this competition ) and US F15EX, as well as in the competition for 57 aircraft for the Indian Navy, against the US F / A 18E / F Super Hornet.

In addition, there is ample information to suggest that, in the face of Chinese and Pakistani operational pressure, New Delhi may well command a second tranche of 36 Rafale, to be delivered between the end of deliveries of the first 36 aircraft, and the start of deliveries of the MMRCA 2 program. In total, therefore, 207 aircraft could be ordered by the Indian authorities, representing a total volume of 243 aircraft, i.e. more than the 225 Rafale planned for the French armies. To achieve this, Team Rafale relies on 5 key criteria that make its aircraft the favorite of Indian competitions !

1- The Operational Component

The Rafale is a combat aircraft, it is natural that the first criterion to be taken into consideration is the operational aspect. In this area, the French aircraft has many advantages over its international competitors:

Rajnath Singh, Indian Minister of Defense, during the delivery ceremony of the first Indian Rafale in Merignac in October 2019

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