Hungary chooses Rheinmetall Lynx in global industrial agreement

On August 16, the German industrial group Rheinmetall signed a global agreement for the acquisition of more than 200 Lynx infantry fighting vehicles, as part of a local manufacturing contract of more than € 2 billion aimed at jointly modernize the country's armies and defense industry. This is the first customer of the German new generation armored vehicle, which is also still involved in the Australian Land 400 Phase 3 competition, or it is opposed to the South Korean Redback K21, for a contract for 450 infantry fighting vehicles.

No information has been published concerning the exact configuration adopted by the Hungarian government, whether in terms of protection, propulsion, communication equipment or armament. It is also not specified that it is the KF31 variant of 38 tons, or the heavy version KF41 of 50 tons. The Rheinmetall press release is satisfied to indicate that a joint venture between the Hungarian government and the German group will be created in order to carry out the project, and to build the assembly plant which will produce the armored vehicle, which will enter into service between 2026 and 2027 in the Hungarian forces.

The Hungarian Armed Forces have also ordered 20 H145M and 16 H225M helicopters from Airbus Helicopter.

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