These 5 international crises that threaten world peace

In just a few weeks, several areas of international tension have evolved into crises threatening to turn into open conflict, with a significant risk of extension, to the point of threatening even peace on the scale of the planet. Indeed, these major crises have this in common that they all involve, directly or indirectly, nuclear nations permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, most of the time facing each other. In this article, we will present a quick summary of the 5 main crises that potentially threaten to turn into conflict, and involve nations with nuclear weapons.

1- The Belarusian crisis

As long as one follows the relevant news feeds like AFP or Reuters, or news channels like Euronews, it is impossible not to be aware of the crisis which is shaking Belarus, after the rebellion. election of President Lukashenko deemed fraudulent both by Belarusian public opinion and by many nations. In addition to the growing protests of the country's population demanding the president's departure, this crisis has an international dimension through Russia's potential involvement, to which President Lukashenko appealed to come and secure his mandate.

Pictures showing unmarked Russian military vehicles heading for the Belarusian border were posted on Russian social media on Sunday (August 16), raising fears of a Ukrainian-style scenario.

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