Invasion exercises, bomber deployment: China steps up pressure on Taiwan and the United States

Little more than a day or two now passes between announcements of new provocations or new coercive measures between the United States and China. No sooner had US Health Secretary Alex Azar left Taipei after his visit when the Chinese authorities launched a series of exercises and maneuvers to once again step up the pressure on Taiwan and the American ally. The American-Taiwanese response was not long overdue either.

The day after the American official's visit to assure the Taiwan authorities of Washington's support, Beijing launched a large-scale exercise bringing together numerous naval, amphibious and air resources in the Taiwan Pass, forcing La Défense Taiwanese airline to intervene. The exercise, which included live fire phases in particular, also had very specific wording in the Chinese media, since it was presented as "an anti-secessionist exercise", to recall that, for Beijing, the Republic of China, on the island of Taiwan, is nothing other than a secessionist movement intended to reintegrate the People's Republic of China.

The H6J bomber can carry up to 6 long-range supersonic anti-ship missiles

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