By winning on the new Typhoon radar, the Spanish Indra strengthens its position in the SCAF program

According to a press release from the Spanish on-board avionics company Indra, the latter would have been granted a position of co-developer, with the German Hensoldt, concerning the new Captor-E radar with active electronic antenna which will equip the new versions of the Eurofighter Typhoon fighter, as well as the modernized versions. This announcement will allow the Spanish company to co-develop and co-produce the 130 radars ordered as part of the modernization of the 130 German-Spanish Eurofighter scheduled for the decade, but also to equip the 110 or so new aircraft announced soon. ordered by the Luftwaffe for the replacement of part of its Tornado and Typhoon of Tranche I (90 aircraft), and the Spanish Air Force for the replacement of its F18s (20 devices)

Designer and manufacturer of the AESA RBE2 radar which equips the Rafale, Thales risks losing an important competitive advantage under the SCAF program

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