Airbus DS tests communication technology with the future Remote Carriers of the SCAF program

It was during the German exercise Timber Express that Airbus Defense & Space experienced virtual communication between a Luftwaffe Typhoon and a Remote Carrier, the light combat drone which will constitute a key component of the SCAF program of new generation combat aircraft carried out in cooperation by Germany, France and Spain.

Not only was it demonstrated that the connection could be integrated into a flow composed of multiple data communication, but that it could be integrated into all devices with digital communication, without modification. In addition, communication, which uses the CANDL protocol, can be integrated into the CESMO principle defined by NATO in order to standardize multi-domain cooperation in the alliance, and be distributed to all connected operators. This experiment tends to support the hypothesis of an early arrival of the Remote Carriers in order to extend the capacities of the German and Spanish Typhoons as well as the French Rafales, so as to overcome the deficiencies of these two aircraft in the field of the elimination of defenses and stealth.

The Remote carrier is not a model but a concept. There will be several with different characteristics and functions.

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