Serbia wants to acquire Chinese FK-3 anti-aircraft system to avoid US sanctions

Belgrade would have validated the order for 3 Chinese medium-range anti-aircraft systems FK-3, export version of the HQ-22 system, to strengthen its anti-aircraft capabilities. At least that's the ad published by the site, based on information from the Jugoimport-SDPR weapon systems import company. These systems will complement Pantsir-S1 systems delivered in February acquired from Russia, and Mistral 3 systems acquired from France, to modernize the country's multilayer air defense, and protect strategic sites. 

For several years, the Serbian authorities have wanted to acquire a medium or long range anti-aircraft system, and was particularly interested in the Russian S400. But the fear of US sanctions as part of CAATSA legislation, as well as the high price of the transaction, dissuaded Belgrade, which preferred to turn to Beijing, and its FK-3 system, of which the Balkan country will be the first export customer. 

Serbia perceived 6 Russian Pantsir S1 systems in February 2020

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