The F-15Js will be modernized to the Japan Super Interceptor standard by Boeing and Mitsubishi

In an article from October 2019, we introduced you the Japanese Air Self-Defense Force (JASDF) F-15J Fighter Interceptor Modernization Project. Designated “Japan Super Interceptor”, this Japanese program aims to modernize half of the F-15 Eagles in service in the country in order to allow them to operate beyond 2035. After several months of development and negotiations, the program seems definitely launched, following the signing of a contract between the American group Boeing, designer of the F-15, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI), responsible for the modernization program in Japan.

As part of this partnership, Boeing and MHI should thoroughly modernize 98 F-15Js. From the early 1980s, MHI assembled under license more than 240 F-15 Eagle single and two-seaters to replace an equivalent number of venerable F-104 Starfighters. From 1987, the F-15Js assembled by MHI were brought to the MSIP (Multi-Stage Improvement Program) standard, with new reactors equipped with FADEC digital controllers, more powerful computers, simplified maintenance and a self-protection suite. Even if all the F-15Js, MSIP or not, have since undergone many modernizations, the in-depth overhaul envisaged within the framework of the Japan Super Interceptor (JSI) standard will only concern the hundred F-15J MSIPs still in service, the oldest Eagles being replaced by F-35s and the future Japanese stealth hunter.

The F-15J has been the backbone of the JASDF for almost forty years, and is expected to remain so for another fifteen or twenty years.

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