Beijing threatens US allies with military reprisals if conflict with China breaks out

The tone continues to rise in the Western Pacific, between the United States and China, both of which are increasing the bravado and provocations, both on the seas and in the media. And the Chinese press, whether national or international, echoes it widely, much more than the American or Western press is devoted to it. Faced with the lack of effectiveness of Chinese threats vis-à-vis the United States, which maintains pressure in the China Sea and deploys US Navy ships more and more regularly, angering the Chinese authorities, Beijing decided to change strategy, and now threaten Washington's allies, Canberra in the lead.

So, an article published by the state site specifically targets Australia's support for US regional policy, whether it is support for US forces deployed in this theater, as well as the political support displayed by Canberra on hot topics, such as the China Sea , Hong-Kong or the treatment of the Uighur minority. The article published in English, denounces the positions of the Australian authorities, qualifying the country of "henchman" of the United States, a term designating the armed forces of the feudal lords acting as mercenaries against retribution.

For the moment, Beijing has only about fifty J-20s in service in its air forces, which only line up a little more than 700 modern combat aircraft, out of the 2000 aircraft in service.

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