Rafale: five planes took off this morning for Ambala air base, India

Since the beginning of spring, India and China have been going through a deep military and diplomatic crisis in the Himalayas, which has already made dozens of deaths. In this particularly tense context, the two great Asian powers are reinforcing their troops in the region in order to prepare for a possible military confrontation. As we had already mentioned in a dedicated analysis, the strengthening of the Indian military posture involves in particular the urgent order of new Russian planes but, above all, by the accelerated delivery of Rafale fighter planes, produced by the French group Dassault Aviation.

In accordance with what had been announced in recent weeks, five Indian Air Force Rafale planes took off this morning from the Dassault Aviation site in Mérignac in order to go to their new base in Ambala, in northern India. These five aircraft will very quickly integrate No 17 Squadron "Golden Arraows", where they could be operational in just a few days. Thus, if the current delivery involves only a handful of planes, it is a real event for the Indian Air Force, but also for Dassault Aviation, which still has great commercial hopes in India.

At least two Rafale EH single-seaters are part of the convoy currently on a technical stopover in the United Arab Emirates. For the moment, the IAF has received (in France) less than a dozen Rafale, including a Rafale DH dedicated to flight tests and seven other two-seater intended to be delivered in squadrons.

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