India orders SAFRAN A2SM Hammer guidance systems for its Rafale during emergency procedure

To say that the first Indian Rafales, which are due to arrive in the country by July 29, are due in India would be a gross understatement. Indeed, New Delhi has not stopped communicating, for a few weeks, on the very rapid entry into service of its devices, they will hardly have arrived. To do this, the Indian authorities have taken care to pre-position the Ambala base where the first fighters delivered, all the equipment, armaments and skills necessary for an operational conversion as quickly as possible will be stationed. And to strengthen the already more than significant capacities of the Indian Rafale which will arrive equipped with MICA and METEOR air-to-air missiles and SCALP stealth cruise missiles, New Delhi has just announced have selected the A2SM Hammer guidance and propulsion kit from SAFRAN, already in service in the French armies, in a emergency procurement procedure.

It must be said that the Indian security situation is far from appeased. Not only tensions with Pakistan are still high since the confrontation between the hunters of the two countries which took place in February 2019, but tensions with China, in the Ladakh area in the Himalayan range, remain at their highest, even if the two countries have managed to put an end to the clashes, and to return to a form of status quo. Indeed, on both sides, the opposing forces are strengthening, with the deployment of numerous armored vehicles, helicopters, drones and aircraft. Latest announcement, the Indian Naval Aviation has deployed near this theater a squadron of MIG-29K, in order to strengthen the air force's diminished defensive capabilities.

The Indian Minister of Defense, Rajnat Singh, during the ceremony marking the delivery of the first Rafale to India, in Mérignac in Gironde on October 8, 2019

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