Egyptian parliament authorizes deployment of fighting military forces in Libya

The Egyptian parliament unanimously authorized, this Monday, July 26, the deployment of Egyptian fighting forces in Libya refined to "protect the country and its interests" in the face of the push by the forces of the Government of National Unity (GNA in English) of Tripoli supported by the armed forces and the Turkish militias, against the forces of General Khalifa Haftar, in particular threatening the city ​​of Sirte and the Al-Jufra air base, two strategic sites for Cairo which had already declared in the past that it would not hesitate to intervene if the GNA forces came to threaten them. For the authorities in Tripoli, the only body recognized by the united nations to date, it is neither more nor less than a declaration of war, joined in this by Hulusi Akar, the Turkish Minister of Defense.

The Egyptian armed forces are by far considered the most powerful in Africa, and one of the most powerful in the Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean. With nearly 900.000 men, the Egyptian Army constitutes a first-rate mechanized power, aligning more than 3000 combat tanks including 1100 M1A1 Abrams built under license, 2500 infantry combat vehicles, and some 5000 armored transport vehicles. troops of various models, supported by nearly 1500 self-propelled artillery pieces and multiple rocket launchers. The air force is lining up nearly 200 F16 fighters, as well as 46 Mig-29M (comparable to the Mig-35), 24 Rafale, 18 mirage 2000 and 50 mirage 5, and should receive in the coming months the first of its 36 Su-35 ordered from Moscow. Finally, the Navy lines up 2 Mistral class assault helicopter carriers, 1 Aquitaine class heavy frigate (FREMM), 4 OH Perry and 2 Knox light frigates, as well as 2 Descubierta class corvettes and 4 Type 209-1400 submarines, pending the entry into service of the first of the 4 Gowind 2500 corvettes ordered from Naval Group, and of the 2 FREMMs acquired from Italy. In addition to this inventory worthy of the most powerful armed forces, the Egyptian forces are reputed to be well trained and competent, especially with regard to professional units.

With more than 350 fighter jets, the Egyptian air force is the largest in Africa, as well as in the Middle East.

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