Russia simultaneously begins construction of 2 frigates, 2 nuclear submarines and 2 assault helicopter carriers

We know that Russian Defense is skilled when it comes to communication, and that it is not stingy with symbols. In this regard, this July 16, 2020 will be a milestone for the Russian Navy, since will be carried out jointly the keel laying ceremonies two frigates of the extended project 22350 Admiral Gorshkov, two nuclear submarines of the project 885-M Iassen, and two assault helicopter carriers of the project 23900. In a single day, the Russian Navy launches 6 major ships of high sea, that is to say as much, if not more, than many Western and European navies have.

In recent decades, the Russian Navy had been the poor relation of the Russian armies in terms of budget, obliged to maintain in service units which had not been modernized for many years, and showing a proven structural as well as operational dilapidation. The emphasis was on the development of corvettes, heavy armed patrollers and conventionally powered submarines, which had the primary interest of being able to rapidly and inexpensively increase the number of vectors equipped with Kalibr nuclear-capable cruise missiles, not coming within the framework of the INF treaty which prohibited both Russia and the United States from having ballistic or cruise missiles launched from a land vector and having a range between 500 and 2500 km.

The Russian Navy has considerably strengthened its fleet of armed corvettes and patrol boats during the previous decade, notably with Buyan-class patrol boats

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