After Poland, Latvia offers to pay for US troops on its soil

Through the voice of its Minister of Defense, and Deputy Prime Minister, Latvia has made it known that it is ready to welcome some of the 9500 American soldiers whose withdrawal from Germany was announced by President Trump a few years ago. weeks, and just days after Polish President Andrzej Duda did the same during his official visit to Washington to meet President Trump. Unlike his Polish counterpart, however, Artis Pabriks, the Latvian minister, took the form so as not to offend his German ally, specifying that this offer was only made if the decision to withdraw American forces from Germany was proven, with the aim of maintaining a strong American presence in Europe.

To give weight to his offer, Artis Pabriks added that Latvia was ready to put its hand in the portfolio to invest in infrastructure to accommodate the US workforce, like the € 2 billion promised by the president Duda to get out of the ground the famous "Fort Trump" in Poland, these investments in addition to numerous Polish acquisitions in American weapons like the F35, HIMARS or the Patriot PAC-3. It is obviously more difficult for Latvia to match the almost $ 15bn of American equipment ordered by Poland, but like her, Riga seems to be showing a tropism across the Atlantice when it comes to strengthening its armed forces.

Poland ordered 2019 F32 planes for $ 35 billion in 5 from the United States, one of several contracts that Warsaw has signed with the American defense industry in recent years.

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