The US authorizes the sale of E-2D Hawkeye radar planes for the French Navy

Last Monday, the US State Department announced that it had authorized the export of $ 7,5 billion in military equipment to several countries around the world, including Israel, Lithuania, Argentina and Indonesia. France was also affected by this announcement, since the US government officially authorizes the French Navy to acquire, as part of a FMS (Foreign Military Sales) procedure, three E-2D Advanced Hawkeye radar planes.

With associated equipment, the contract value could rise to $ 2 billion (double what had been previously announced), the price of two destroyers or an entire flotilla of Rafale M fighter aircraft. the very high price of such a sale, the acquisition of new Hawkeye is considered strategic by the French Ministry of the Armed Forces.

French E-2C performing a touch and go on the American aircraft carrier USS Stennis. While the British adopted a helicopter as a new aerial lookout device, France retains an operational capacity very close to that of the US Navy

Too expensive E-2D Advanced Hawkeye?

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