Indonesia could buy MV-22 Osprey

This Monday, July 6, the US State Department announced it had approved $ 7,5 billion in arms sales under the Foreign Military Sales (FMS)). These political export authorizations now authorize the States concerned to make their purchases, which means that all FMS authorizations will not necessarily give rise to final sales contracts.

For the time being, the United States Department of State has therefore authorized the sale of aeronautical fuel in Israel, six Black Hawk helicopters in Lithuania, armored infantry vehicles in Argentina as well as three air watch aircraft E- 2D Hawkeye for the French Navy, replacing the current E-2C. However, the most surprising sales authorization concerns Indonesia, which is now authorized to purchase eight Bell-Boeing MV-22 Osprey Block-C convertible aircraft. Until now, this device unique in its kind but particularly expensive had only found takers from Japan, which questions the ability for Jakarta to finance such a purchase valued at $ 2 billion.

So far, only Japan has purchased a few MV-22s for its amphibious assault force. If the Osprey is ordered by Indonesia, it will be used for a wide variety of tasks.

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