Kuwaiti parliament questions the high cost of the Eurofighter Typhoon

For several months, the sale of 28 Eurofighter Typhoon in Kuwait signed in 2016 has been of great interest to the judicial authorities of Kuwait, who are said to have opened several corruption investigations. In addition to the ongoing legal proceedings, it is now the Kuwaiti Parliament who wonders about the total invoice of the contract. In fact, Eurofighter Typhoons purchased by Kuwait from Italy are billed for more than $ 320 million each, compared to an average of $ 110 million for aircraft sold to other countries.

If these figures put forward by the local press can question, it should however put them into perspective. Indeed, armaments contracts are particularly complex, and cannot be simplified into a single unit price, as recalled Bruno Etchenic in excellent paper in 2015. However, beyond the question of the price of modern combat aircraft, the investigations carried out in Kuwait have raised certain particularly sensitive points, both for the Eurofighter but also for other contracts involving Airbus, in Kuwait and elsewhere in the world.

As in Saudi Arabia and Austria, the sale of Typhoon to Kuwait is suspected of having been carried out against a background of bribery, commissions and retro-commissions

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