Polish President's visit to Washington: how far will the Trump administration play the card of European disunity?

Four days before the first Polish presidential election and on the eve of an official visit by current head of state Andrzej Duda to Washington, the Polish press reports that 2000 American soldiers could potentially join the ranks of the forces already pre - positioned in Poland. If such an announcement were to be made official, it would reinforce the idea that Washington "plays Europeans against each other", at a time when Donald Trump threatens Berlin. of a partial withdrawal of the American troops present on its soil.

Indeed, it is probably with the idea to repeat its success achieved a year earlier in such circumstances, that President Duda meets his American counterpart in the White House this Wednesday. This visit comes in the context of extreme tensions between Berlin and Washington, the outgoing Polish president could well exploit the insidious interference of Donald Trump in the national elections to obtain guarantees of additional protection for his country, possibly with the key, a capacity building of the American contingent present on Polish soil.

In March 2019, Donald Trump had accepted the Polish proposal to cover the costs of the redeployment of the thousand men from Germany on Polish soil, in particular by highlighting the desire of Warsaw to acquire 32 F fighters -35A. It was done last February and this, without any industrial compensation for Poland.

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