SAAB's new lightweight torpedo is set to revolutionize coastal anti-submarine warfare

Last week, Swedish SAAB announced that it had proceededthe first shots of its new SLWT torpedo (Saab Lightweight Torpedo) , both from a Visby corvette and from a Gotland class submarine of the Swedish Navy. Referred to as Torped 47 in the Swedish Navy, the SLWT has already been exported to Finland. The torpedo is expected to be operational on surface ships in late 2002, and early 2003 on Swedish submarines.

Subsequently, Saab hopes to be able to sell its new torpedo to other countries in the Baltic Sea region, but also in Asia-Pacific where certain coastal navies are rapidly developing their operational capacities. Indeed, the new SLWT, like the Torped 45 which preceded it , was designed specifically to operate in the very harsh conditions of the Baltic Sea. Even better, the SLWT is designed from the outset to be able to be drawn without modification from a surface ship, submarine, shore battery or aircraft. What make it a particularly versatile weapon, despite its unusual format.

Saab's communication particularly insists on the coastal capabilities of the SLWT. Unlike the Torped 45, which was equipped with two counter-rotating propellers, the Torped 47 has a single shrouded propeller (pumpjet)

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