SNA Perle fire: what future for the French submarine force?

Friday June 12, around 10:30am, a fire broke out in the front part of the nuclear attack submarine Perle , which was then in major technical refit (ATM - Arrêt Technique Majeur) in Toulon naval base. Particularly virulent, the fire was not brought under control until 9:00 p.m., and completely off after midnight . If the disaster has, fortunately, no casualties, it is a real blow for the French Navy.

In fact, this accident could not have been worse. Indeed, the Perle is the last ship of the six SNA (French for SSN) of the Ruby class, and the most modern of the operational attack submarines of the French Navy. Commissioned in 1993, the Pearl was initially scheduled to be retired from service in 2029, when the last of six Suffren-class SNAs entered service. The ATM which had started in January was supposed to allow the Perle to be upgraded in order to offer it an additional decade of active service.

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