Defense: the revival project of the aeronautical sector holds good and bad surprises

The case was announced early in the Covid-19 crisis : the French Armies will be put to contribution to revive the national economy. The Ministry of the Armed Forces is indeed one of the biggest French investors, and mainly buys equipment designed and manufactured in France and in Europe. This is particularly the case of the aeronautical sector, which was the subject of government declarations yesterday.

If the aeronautics sector should have a recovery plan of 15 billion euros, almost half will be spent in support of Air France / KLM activity, which supplies a large part of the civil aeronautics sector. Several billion will also be invested in support funds for SMEs, R&D, incentive bonuses for the purchase of new planes or the preservation of industrial skills. Finally, around 600 million euros will be spent on advance orders for military equipment. Announcements that seem to go in the right direction, but which however lack ambition on certain points.

So far, 12 A330 MRTTs had been confirmed for the Air Force, the last three remaining optional. It is now confirmed that fifteen aircraft will eventually equip the Air Force.

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