Russia begins testing wheeled version of Koalitsiya-SV self-propelled gun

As the artillery units of the Russian army perceive their first 152mm 2S35 Koalitsiya-SV tracked self-propelled guns, a new version of the armored vehicle, this time mounted on a 6550-axle Kamaz-4 truck chassis, has started its tests. state, an essential phase before it can be commanded by the Russian armies.

Designed like the 2S35 Koalitsiya by the Burevestnik Central Study Institute, the new artillery system carries an almost identical turret to its predecessor, with a self-loading 2mm 88A152 gun capable of sustaining a rate of fire of 16 shells per minute, on an 8 × 8 Kamaz-6350 truck, offering, according to its designers, mobility and flexibility of use much greater than that of the 2S35. Thus, according to Vasily Nabatov, chief designer of the program quoted by the Tass agency, the new vehicle will be able to use bodied roads much more easily, and will require very light maintenance. Indeed, while a 2S35 requires a complete overhaul of the running gear every 5000 km, this distance traveled constitutes, according to Vasily Nabatov, only the “break-in” distance of the wheel-mounted version.

The 2S35 Koalitsiya-SV self-propelled gun was presented to the public for the first time during the military parade on May 9, 2015, along with the T14 Armata.

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