With Martlet missiles, Royal Navy Wildcat helicopters will have unique firepower

In a joint press release , Thales and Leonardo announced the first successful launch of an LMM (Lightweight Multirole Missile) missile from an AW159 Wildcat helicopter. Developed by Thales, the LMM is a versatile light missile developed for the British armed forces. In the Royal Navy, it has already been tested for sea-to-sea fire from frigates, but this is the first time that the new missile (designated Martlet in the Royal Navy) has fired from a Wildcat helicopter.

For the occasion, the helicopter designed by the British branch of the Italian Leonardo (formerly Westland) has been equipped with its new weapon supports, the Leonardo Weapon Wing. Developed to provide additional lift to the helicopter, the Weapon Wings allow the Wildcat to carry heavy armament with minimal impact on the range, speed and payload of the aircraft.

The Wildcat will be able to carry up to twenty Martlet multirole missiles, giving it a unique operational capability in the face of all types of asymmetric threats.

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