German shipbuilding industry consolidates around Lürssen and GNY Kiel, while TKMS approaches Fincantieri

Since the beginning of the year, the consolidation of the German naval defense industry has been one of Berlin's priorities, as we mentioned in a previous article. While many hypotheses were raised, it would finally seem that the consolidation of the German naval industry takes place around the Lürssen group, based in Bremen, and the German Naval Yards shipyard in Kiel, a subsidiary of the international holding company Privinvest.

This event then seems to isolate TKMS, the naval subsidiary of the giant ThyssenKrupp, which had sold its surface ship construction activities (and therefore GNYK) to Privinvest in 2011 in order to focus on submarines, retaining only its excellent design offices for the design of surface ships. Thus, in parallel with the rapprochement between GNYK and Lürssen, TKMS would have started to discuss with Italian Fincantieri about a rapprochement between the military naval activities of the two groups.

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If the F125 frigates were designed by TKMS, they were largely built by the Lürssen shipyards. However, TKMS does not seem today integrated into the process of centralization of German naval manufacturers.

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